New Reading Schedule

We are starting a New Reading Schedule at the start of the year.

To get a better understanding of the chronology of the Bible, we have created a two year program. The idea is to create a concise picture of how much time the Bible covers and how far apart or close together events are.

I343 - Italplast Pen Holder Black600We have found a really nice chart on the internet full of all the dates we will be needing at a web-sight (here). There is only one drawback to this sight. It appears to be Seventh Day Adventist and therefore gets very weird at the end when it attempts to cover prophecy. (We hold to the Historical Protestant Interpretation of Prophecy or the Historicists View.)

So it is now time to roll out the butcher paper and get out the felt tip pens. It is always best to see this on one big chart instead of scrolling through a computer.