The Messianic/Hebrew Roots Movement and Dispensationalism (part 2)


follow up to The Messianic/Hebrew Roots Movement and Dispensationalism (part 1)

Biet Sephar icon SmallWhat I don’t understand is why the Messianic movement continues in their love of all things dispensational?  Why they continue to look for a future political antichrist?  The beast with the mortal wound is not the religious Beast from the Earth, it is the imperial beast with the seven heads and ten horns.  Why are you thinking that it is antichrist?  The imperial beast is all about the imperial power of Rome.  The Beast from the Earth or antichrist is about religion.

The Bible clearly says that antichrist is a corrupt form of faith. [I John 2:18-20,  4:1-6;  II John 7] But even though they see, the church’s insistence on Sunday worship, celebrating x-mas and easter as corrupt, for some reason they are unable to make the connection that a corrupt church is of antichrist.  These things all come from the Babylonian mystery religions.  They should have been put out of the chaurch.  Are you afraid of offending them?  Truth is always an offense to error.  Are we afraid that the Bible Answer Man will list us as a cult?  So be it.  The Bible tells His people to come out of Babylon.[Rev 18:4]  Therefore there are true believers in the Babylonian Whore.  These corrupt churches do not destroy all the souls inside them.  Stop believing in the fiction that the dispensationalist have created, for the soul purpose of taking the heat off the fact that they are guilty, and actually read what the text says about antichrist. They have painted the antichrist into some horrible evil vile politician, so you don’t notice that they are him.  The antichrist is not some single evil politician.  They, yes I said THEY, are a corrupt form of faith.  They are lawless, [2 Thess 2:9; ; I John 1:6-7; 2 John 7], meaning that they teach that the law is null and void.

The prophecies predict that the sin of the little horn, the son of perdition, the Beast from the Earth, or the anti-christ is a spiritual one.  It is blasphemy as defined in the Bible, that which discredits God’s name by usurping God’s attributes and functions or opposing and counterfeiting the Holy Spirit.  This is the unforgivable sin.  [Mt 12:31; Mk 3:29; Lk 12:10]

You walked out of the church physically, now it is time to walk out spiritually, Bible in hand.

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