The Messianic/Hebrew Roots Movement and Dispensationalism (part 3)

The Greatest Messianic Prophecy Given

How do we know that Yeshua of Nazrite i.e. Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah of Israel?  The prophecies of the Old Testament are quite clear as to who and when Messiah would come. Once they are familiar with them there is a certainty that Jesus of Nazareth was the only one possible in all history to be the Messiah of Israel. The problem most believers have is that they have been confused by the current popular teachings of the dispensationalist.  The Futurist have taken the greatest of these prophecies (Dan 9) and confused the issue by inserting the antichrist into it.  Antichrist is simply not here.  Why anyone gives dispensational teaching any kind of deference, is beyond credulity?  They have been yapping and yelling their fictitious rapture is near, since 1830, the more they are wrong, the more credence they are given.  Frankly folks it is long pass time to pick up rocks.

Yeshua of Nazrite fulfilled a great many of the Old Testament prophecies.  But the one that seals the deal so to speak, is Daniel 9.  No other person on the face of the earth could fulfill this prophecy.

Daniel 9 gives a list of six things that the prophecy will cover.  They are all about the atoning work of Messiah.  The new Testament explains how each and everyone were fulfilled in the life and work of Messiah.  By teaching that there is something here concerning antichrist the Futurists are diminishing the work of Messiah.

The Six things:

To finish the transgression,  [Is 53:5; Heb 9:15]

Put an end to sin,  [Mat 1:21; Jn. 1:29; Heb 9:26, 10:4-7]

Atone for iniquity,  [Is 53:6; II Cor 5:18; Cool 1:20-22]

Bring in everlasting righteousness,  [Heb 9:12; Rom 5:17-21; II Cor 5:21]

Seal both vision and prophet,  [Mat 11:13-14; Acts 3:18]

Anoint a most holy one or place,  [Lk 1:35, 4:18-22; Jn. 1:32-34]

Daniel 9 states that there will be 490 years from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem to the coming of Messiah.  There were six such decrees.  No matter how one counts out the time, Messiah must come in the first century.   He must be able to prove that He is a descendant of David [Isa 55:3-5 ].   For that He must be able to access the genealogical records, that from the time of Ezra and Nehemiah were kept in the Temple in Jerusalem.  No one after 70 A.D. could have proven that they were of the line of David.  No one after 96 A.D. is within the time limit.  For a complete table of these dates see commentary on Daniel 9.

Yeshua of Nazrite is the Messiah of Israel, there can be no other.  He stands out in the first century as the only contender for the title.  No one else was born, died, destoryed Jerusalem, and gave his last message, within the time limit.


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