The Canon of Scripture

THE_FIRST_COUNCIL_OF_NICEACanon is the term used for the selected books that are considered sacred.

Recently while looking through a  pole on the Bible.  There were lots and lots of comments by many people who believe that at the Council of Nicea, the church hid from the people books that should have been in the Bible.  They went on and on about how the Council was corrupt, or evil, or stupid, and they conspired to silence these other books. This is just not true. Yes, the Council did make some really unfortunate decisions but the Canon wasn’t one of them.

These non-canonical books have never been hidden. They are just not in the Bible. They are in and always have been in all the major libraries of the Western World and they are now on the internet.

These books that were rejected were rejected for good reasons.  If you put together a group of average 6th graders they would have picked the very same books.  Go read them for yourself and let us know which ones you think were wrongly left out.

Early Christian Writings

Early Jewish Writings