Judaism and the Messianic

MenoraA fact often lost to many Church goers is that the religion known as Judaism is not the temple worship of the Bible. Christianity is in fact older than Judaism. Judaism is a completely different religion than the what went on in the temple with its ritual sacrifices and washings. When the temple was destroyed in 70 AD by the Roman Legions under Titus, there was a problem. Without a temple there was nothing to hold the Jewish people together but the synagogue system that survived from their exile in Babylon. But those synagogues were about preparing the people to go up to Jerusalem for the feasts.

Around 132 AD the Jews held a large revolt against the Romans in an attempt to regain the temple mount and resume sacrifices. Bar Kokhba named Simon ben Kosiba surnamed Simon bar Kokhba, “son of the star”, was the leader of this last resistance against the Romans 132 – 135 AD. At the beginning of this revolt about one-third of Bar Kokhba’s forces were Christian Jews. As the revolt progressed Rabbi Akiva said that Bar Kokhba was the long promised Jewish Messiah. This caused a conflict among the Jewish Christians. How could they continue to fight along side a clear hoaxer.  These Jewish believers then abandoned Bar Kokhba’s army, and about half of those that left joined the Romans, so as to but down this false Messiah. The resulting loss to the Romans was blamed on the Christian Jews who left Bar Kokhba. Since then all Jews who convert to Christianity are considered traitors and no longer Jews.

After the total failure of this effort Rabbi Akiva ben Joseph created the Judaism  by changing the synagogue system from one that prepared one to go to the temple to one that remembered what the temple was like. The system we know today of prayers and readings was created to replace the rituals sacrifices and washings. Because of the Jewish Christians “traitorous act” of abandoning bar Kokhba, one of the chief tenet of Akiva’s Judaism is that Jesus of Nazareth is not the promised Messiah of Israel.

Just as Akiva created a way to hold the Jews together, many pastors and teachers are deceiving themselves and their flocks by creating a Messiah and doctrines that tickles the ears and follows after fads and whims. Their chief goal is hold people together, not teach truth. We need to get back to the scripture and find the truths clearly stated; separating ourselves from the Babylonian Paganism that so confuses the Congregation, but at the same time we cannot accept Rabbinic Judaism.

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