The Pagan Origins of Christmas (part 2)

Krampus the true god of Christmas

stnick-krampus-716488While researching this paper, several times I ended up at web sights about the Bohemian Grove where the rich and famous throw dolls into a fire at the foot of a large owl shaped statue that they call Molech.  These web sights go on and on about how wicked this is.  But they never look in the mirror and acknowledged that Molech is Saturn, and Saturnalia is Christmas, and that they are doing the very same thing.  Only in a spiritual since, as they lie to children telling them that this is Jesus’ birthday, when in fact it is the time of sacrificing children to Molech.  Instead we are only sacrificing truth to this lie.  Truth sets people free, not lies.  But we are not the only ones making excuses to do what we want.

According to the Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin 64, “Molech worship is not idolatry”… “Punishment is not incurred unless one delivers his seed to the acolytes of Molech”.  This kind of logical fallacy is what got the Jews sent to Babylon for 70 years, in the first place.  The church rather than deal with the implications of such teaching condemns Judaism, then turns and does the very same thing.  Teaching that it is OK to bring the green tree into the house as long as the yule child was not sacrificed in order to do it.

Most cultures have some vague memory of such bull or calf worship.  Jewish traditions have several descriptions of this idol.  Sometimes a bull, sometimes a calf, sometimes the fire is at the base and sometimes it is in the torso, and even in the mouth.  You can see several illustrations at this web sight.  Moloch/Meloch

krampus-3But Molech has survived in Eastern Europe as Krampus, or Black Peter.  Over the centuries the church has rewritten him into a companion of St. Nicholas who either takes naughty children straight to hell, or gives them whippings and coal.  This is where the phrase “going to hell in a hand basket” comes from.  Krampus also loves to visit the homes of well-endowed young females to dole out attentive punishments or birtching.  Traditionally, young men dress up as the Krampus and roam the streets frightening children and women with rusty chains and bells.  In some rural areas the tradition still includes these birtchings by the Krampus, especially of young females.  There is clearly some lingering memory of the saturnalia orgies, with Krampus often depicted as a love interest.  In the late 1800s to the early 1900s German and Bavarian printers produced lots of postcards that our now quite collectable.

2aKrampus is making a comeback, there are many web sights dedicated to bringing Krampus back. He mostly appeals to young men, as they get to put on ugly costumes and terrorize small children and girls.  I’m sure as this grows, the church will rally to defeat this reintroduction of the devil.  They will denounce this, as it is a threat to their most profitable season of the year.  However, he is the god of christmas.  It is his festival orgy that the church has stolen.  The day is pagan, let the pagans have it back.  Despite the churches whitewashing efforts, Christmas has nothing to do with the Messiah of Israel.

It is long past time to put the preachers, priests, or teachers out the widow to the dogs, as Jezebel before them.  Stop letting them lie to you and worse your children.  It is not Jesus’ birthday, He did not ask us to celebrate it.  He told you to pick up your cross and follow him,  not some lying Jezebel of a preacher who is only after your money.

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