A Lesson from Yom Kippur

confessOn Yom Kippur the goat for Azazel i.e. scape goat (the meaning of Azazel is ambiguous but it seems to have the idea of entire removal) was to be sent out into the wilderness [Lev 16:6-10]. But because the Jews felt it was a bad omen if this animal should wonder azazelback in to inhabited areas, they changed the ceremony so that the animal was taken out a pushed over a precipice killing the animal. This marred the type. The first animal, the one that is sacrificed in the temple represented the cleansing blood of Messiah so that God may dwell among His sinful people and the smoke of its sacrifice going up was to represented the ascension of Messiah. However the Azazel goat was to represent salvation where the animal is free to live its life because of the sacrifice of the other.

Be Free!

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