Jubilee and Our Current Economic Troubles

menorah-windowThis all started with the 2008 banking crisis. Banks were over extended and the government stepped in to save the day, without anyone truly dealing with the underlining problem of greed and covetousness. Everyone acted as if this was the first time anything like this had ever happened. These giant financial “bubbles” form in our economy because we are all greedy and covet; we are far too rebellious to keep the sabbatical and Jubilee years. These giant “bubbles” reoccur approximately every 60-70 years like clockwork. It is amazing how God thinks of everything! If we followed His plan of Sabbatical years every seven years and Jubilees every 49 years it would break the cycle of these financial “bubbles”.

Unfortunately our founding fathers never put the idea of Sabbatical Years and Jubilees into our constitution; instead they went with the Common Law of Bankruptcy, a kind of individual Jubilee. But alas this allows the general economic debt “bubbles” to form. Is it possible, since they put so many other Biblical laws in our legal system that Jubilee was left out because of the sin of slavery? Obviously even though they were brilliant and great men they were also a touch rebellious and we are continuing in that rebellion. Continue reading