The Mystic Egg

Ever wonder where easter eggs come from. They come right out of pagan mystic rites of course.

snake and mystic eggThe mystic, cosmic, sacred, philosophical egg.

It is why we have all been taught to ask, what came first the chicken of the egg. From a straight reading of Genesis obviously the chicken came first. [Gen. 1:24 -25] God didn’t just create a pile of eggs. He created animals that could lay eggs. So why the question? Well the answer is in Plutarch’s Symposiacs, book 2, question 3.

They suspected that I held the Orphic and Pythagorean dogmas, and refused to eat the egg (as some do the heart and brain), because it is sacred; imagining it to be the first principles all generated existence … soon after Alexander propose the problem concerning the egg and the bird, which was the first? My friends Sylla saying that with this little question, as with an engine, was involved the great and weighty one concerning the genesis of the world, declared his dislike of such problems.… I speak of those who understand the sacred legend of Orpheus, which shows us not only that the egg is before the bird, but make it before all things. The other matter we will not speak about, being as Herodotus says, of a mystic character … therefore, in the orgies of Dionysus it is usual to consecrate an egg as representing that which generates and contains all things in itself.

mystic serpentSo now things are becoming a little clearer. The ancients thought all life came from a mystic egg. Not unlike those Ancient Alien nuts who think that Aliens seeded the earth with life. Anything but a single Creator who lovingly created a universe for the pleasure of His most beloved creation, in His own image, humankind. For if there is a Creator who gave us life and breath, then we are responsible to Him.

Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse; Rom. 1:20

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