What Comes from the Man Nailed to the Cross? Torah!

We recently received this question and thought that others might be interested.

yes or no?  Torah – תורה

From right to left: Tav, Vav, Resh, and Heh.

In ancient Hebrew, the letter Tav was two lines crossing one another, or a cross. The letter Vav was, and still resembles, a nail. Resh is the symbol for a head or a man. And Heh, drawn as a single line with two others branching off it – one from each side – could be seen as “what comes from”.

So what is Torah then?

Torah is “what comes from the man nailed to the cross”.

Our Answer

None of us are that familiar enough with paleo-Hebrew letters. But the letters have changed a lot through history. (One of our books has a chart)

However it is clear  from history and archeology that in spite of the inherited churches iconography, the cross was an “X” and not a “†.”

Finding hidden meaning in the letters or the number they represent is part of Kabbalah, i.e. Jewish mysticism, and we’d stay away from it. There are so many things in the Old Testament that point to Messiah, why look for ones in the letters of words? The answer always come back to people who want to thinks they know some “hidden” knowledge. That there are secrets only the “in” people know. This is the Mystery Religions and/or Gnosticism. None of this ever leads one to the true Spirit, therefore it never leads to truth.

There are many thing hidden in plain sight in the Bible why look for things that were never intended.

FYI: The modern Tav “ת” always look like a fish hook to me. I’m sure some creative person could make it “fishers of men” with a little effort.

There is a love story hidden in the Cycle of Levitical Feasts.

There is the formula for figuring out soli/lunar epacts in Daniel 12.

In the book of the Revelation the Lord’s Day is Yom Kippur.

The erotic love poem of the Song of Songs references the Vater Covenant.

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